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Tautou could not be better: She's infuriating — as well as emotionally present every moment onscreen." Richard Schickel called Colombani a "terrifically assured filmmaker" whose "twice-told tale" is the "basis for an intricately ironic, darkly witty movie with a twist ending that is both utterly surprising and utterly right"; in a comparison with Tautou's performance in Amélie, the film "displays a more dangerous kind of innocence with a charm that shades off into obsessive madness in very gentle, persuasive increments.Mostly, it's because this French film brings a cool, almost Pascalian logic to the messy topic of erotomania." In the United Kingdom, The Independent called it "an assured, if slightly too obvious thriller by first-time director Laetitia Colombani"; the film's originality in its subject matter, called a "welcome change from the offensive 'woman scorned' scenario of so many Fatal Attractions, is lost somewhat in her treatment — which gives first Angelique's perspective, before rewinding to show Loic's.

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Audrey tautou dating

In the United States, Mick La Salle noted it was the "first feature from 26-year-old Laetitia Colombani and represents about as assured a debut as they come.

The first smart thing, of many, that Colombani does is cast Audrey Tautou in the lead role.

Loïc receives the pink rose and assumes that his wife sent it to him.

It is revealed that Loïc barely knows Angélique and that they cross paths only because Angélique is house-sitting for Loïc and Rachel's neighbor.

Loïc comes to believe that his stalker is Sonia; he physically attacks her and she presses charges for assault.

After she dies of a heart attack, Loïc is arrested as the prime suspect for her murder.

As a doctor, he performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which causes her to regain consciousness.

Now aware of her, he considers the possibility that she is his stalker.

Her therapist praises her progress and tells her, "If you keep taking your medication, you will be fine".

However, when the cleaning man is clearing Angélique's room, he discovers her pills have been glued to the wall behind the wardrobe in a mosaic of Loïc, thus showing that Angélique has never taken her medication, and is still obsessed with Loïc.

After his arrest, Rachel tells the police that he was with her on the night of the death, which clears him of all charges.

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