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Born on May 17th, 1985 in Salt Lake City, Hough comes from a devout Mormon family that includes his also famous dancing sister Julianne.

He started working on the professional side of the team during Season 5, being paired up with Jennie Garth. He then danced with Shannon Elizabeth for Season 6, and the couple went on to date for over a year before parting ways in August of 2009.

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We have similar and different interests and personalities. We get to do things together but, at the same time, we still have our “me time,” which I think is just as important.

How do you avoid getting jealous of Derek’s leading ladies? I honestly get “kilig” watching some of his scenes. Even before I met him, his roles were already like that, so it makes no difference to me. But over the years, I’ve learned how to put my trust in Derek, that he can handle these things on his own. Kidding aside, even if he’s one of the biggest stars in the country, he’s very humble and down-to-earth.

His parents also met in college while on a ballroom dance team.

At 12 years old Derek's parents sent him to London to study under dance coaches.

How would you handle it if a girl flirts with Derek? It’s up to your partner how he or she should deal with the opposite sex—leave it to them, and you’ll see what kind of person they are. What’s the best and toughest part of being the girlfriend of Derek?

What was the sweetest thing that Derek has done for you?

We booked a spontaneous trip to Eastern Europe with no plans … How is Derek’s relationship with your daughter, and your relationship with his son? Derek would always tease my 11-year-old daughter Sophie, which is his way of lambing. Minsan, siya pa ang nangungulit sa akin about Sophie.

When it comes to me and Austin, we’re more like barkada.

Countless women would give an arm and a leg to trade places with Joanne Villablanca, the fab girlfriend of Derek Ramsay. The 29-year-old commercial model/fitness enthusiast and Derek have been together for five years.

Despite the 13-year age gap, the gorgeous couple clicks in all aspects.

Derek Hough was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in May 1985.

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