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Since no exploit is known for 2.3.4 I had to unlock the phone. /opt/local/bin/zsh setopt No_Err_Exit adb -d uninstall adb -d uninstall setopt Err_Exit adb -d pull /system/app/ -d pull /system/app/Books Originals/Books adb -d pull /system/app/Books Originals/Books adb -d shell Thank you for your interest in this question.

allow automatic updating android-32

I noticed that some apps like Google Maps, Facebook for Android etc. You could, after asking the user if he wants to (say, in a dialog box), take him to your app's market page, so that he can check it. Users can opt to allow an app to be auto-updated by the Market.

(all preloaded BTW), have their "Allow Automatic Updates" check box checked without me doing so. I found this post from google groups that may help you: However, if the permissions for the app have changed, it does not work.

One of these tools is "Market Auto Updates" which presents a list of all your apps with their checkboxes for auto-updates.

You can sort the enabled apps to the top, and you can "deselect all" to disable automatic updating for all apps.

Enabling it will effectively set each individual app associated with the account to auto-update, and disabling it will of course do the opposite.

This setting is found by simply going into the Market's settings ( Titanium Backup (root only) has "Market Tools".And here comes the nasty twist: Google book is not actually available for my System (for whatever reason).So I can´t get the applications market page to un-check the “allow automatic updating”.The toggle is near the top, called "Automatic system updates." If you turn it off, your phone will not download OTAs by itself, but it's unclear if that means you won't see the notification at all either.We can't say if this is a real feature of Android N, or just something for the developer preview.You could certainly imagine scenarios where blocking OTAs might be desirable if you're actually using the developer preview to things. We've reached out to Google to ask if this toggle will be included in the final release, but just got a generic, "We'll share more info later." Don't get too attached to it, but at least in the dev preview, you can block those automatic updates.

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