Alcoholic dating recovery how to move from friends to dating

The emotional roller coaster ride that comes with the territory can be overwhelming.

If you’ve made the executive decision to begin dating in recovery after careful thought and consideration, then it’s time to get out there!

Just because we’re in recovery doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life!

Since I’ve embarked on recovery dating, I’ve had some of the coolest experiences of my life!

Between spontaneous trips to the zoo or trying something new together, people in recovery are definitely more fun to date.

As irritating as that may be to hear over and over as a newcomer, it does hold some weight.

Essentially what the old timers are trying to say is if you have nothing to offer and neither does your partner, the relationship is doomed.An integral portion of recovery is having a sober support system.These are people who you associate with in recovery who you can turn to in times of difficulty for nonbiased, positive advice.For as much negativity that surrounds dating in sobriety, there is so much good that can come from it as well.It’s important to give just as much attention to the numerous benefits that recovery dating has to offer.Learning about yourself in an honest manner and making adjustments to detrimental behaviors is a main point of the steps.

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