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Here is video of a typical, but rather big bikini bar in Angeles City.

Sport bars in the Philippines are very similar to the beer bars in Thailand.

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1: Online dating in The Philippines 2: Expressions 3: Establishments 3.9 Ladyboys 4: Is the Philippines a safe place to have fun with girls?

5: Always build report with the girl I will assume that you have never been in the Philippines.

This year I’ve been two times to the Philippines and I’ve noticed that many of the guys who frequent the sport bars of the Philippines (similar to the beer bars in Thailand) are the same guys who a few years ago frequented Pattaya, but in their opinion found better pastures. The VISA’s are much easier in the Philippines for Western people and people generally talk very good English.

They also have a Christian mindset and not Buddhist which make the Philippines much more like us.

You enter the bar, order a drink and watch the girls dance on stage.

Usually there are different girls dancing on rotation so when one group have time off dancing you can talk with the girl you are interested in.

You don’t need to pay the girl later on your hotel room like you do in Thailand.

Costs: Usually around 3000 pesos, but there are some bars in Cebu that charge all the way up to 8000 pesos (like Arena and Paris).

If you set up a decent profile with a nice profile picture and a few more fun pictures showing your life you will get anything from 10 to 100 letters a day.

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