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Dr Ray has contributed significantly towards establishing a role for motor proteins in axonal transport, in particular specific cargo motor interactions.He has also provided key insights into the mechanisms that control sperm release in fruit fly.He has also innovatively applied the use of nanocomposites loaded with chemo therapeutics to overcome chemo-resistance.

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Dr Neeraj Jain's work has increased our understanding of organization and informrganation processing in sensorimotor areas of the mammalian brain.

His work on adult brain plasticity and post injury reorganization has direct relevance to human disease.

His work on equivariant Schubert calculus has been especially influential.

The techniques and ideas of Sankaran proved to be crucial in the construction of Littelmann’s bases.

He has used integrated chemical biology approaches by modifying and designing small molecules that can modulate mi RNA levels.

Dr Mandal has made outstanding contributions to cancer biology, studying the role of both natural and synthetic inhibitors that impact survival and stress related signaling cascades and inhibit tumor growth.

For his path-breaking development of high temperature superconducting electron cyclotron resonance ion source and for significant contributions to controlled modification of material-properties through high energy ion irradiation.

Souvik Maiti has comprehensively studied thermodynamics basis of RNA quadraplexes to understand their role in gene expression.

He has pioneered a number of medical innovations, of which some are approved for human use.

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