Adult 16

Before deciding, consider the following: If you’ve carefully considered your reasons for becoming emancipated and have a clear understanding of what it means to live on your own, it’s time to explore your options.

But minors must carefully weigh the pros and cons, while making an honest assessment of their needs.

So before you pursue the process, you should ask whether you should get emancipated in the first place.

There are a few different ways to go about this, but the decision shouldn't be taken lightly.

This article provides an overview of the emancipation process. Many a teenager fantasizes about living on their own.

It was the era when young men were being drafted for Vietnam.

If I could carry a gun for my country or go to jail for refusing to carry one, surely I should be able to vote and drink beer legally.But I embraced the right to behave irresponsibly, and suffer the consequences if need be, like an adult.Legal adulthood, as we know, does not ensure responsible behavior. Do people mature in different ways at different times? My son was ready and eager to drive at age 16, but my daughter said she wasn’t and waited a couple more years until she felt confident.In Pennsylvania, for example, minors aged 16 to 18 who marry are automatically emancipated. Some states (like Delaware and Maryland) don't allow for the emancipation of minors by court order. In California, for example, minors as young as 14 may become emancipated.Government agencies in that state generally have the authority to decide whether a minor is emancipated without the need for court approval. States that allow for judicial emancipation will consider whether it serves the minor’s best interests.As a parent having raised two millennials, I understand there is sometimes complexity in the concept of adulthood. That, I thought, was a very adult decision, and they were both right.

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