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— June 29, 2013 • The US government spies on at least 38 foreign embassies and missions, using a variety of electronic surveillance methods.— June 30, 2013 • The NSA spies on millions of phone calls, emails, and text messages of ordinary German citizens.— August 1, 2013 • Seven of the world's leading telecommunications companies provide GCHQ with secret, unlimited access to their network of undersea cables.

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— July 20, 2013 • NSA analysts, using the XKeyscore program, can search through enormous databases of emails, online chats, and browsing histories of targets.

— July 31, 2013 • The US government paid Britain's GCHQ roughly $155 million over three years to gain access and influence over its spying programs.

— June 21, 2013 • The NSA has a program codenamed Evil Olive that collects and stores large quantities of Americans' internet metadata, which contains only certain information about online content.

Email metadata, for example, reveals the sender and recipient addresses and time but not content or subject.

— June 30, 2013 • Using a program called Fairview, the NSA intercepts internet and phone-call data of Brazilian citizens.

— July 6, 2013 • Monitoring stations set up in Australia and New Zealand help feed data back to NSA's XKeyscore program.

— June 27, 2013 • Until 2011, the Obama administration permitted the NSA's continued collection of vast amounts of Americans' email and internet metadata under a Bush-era program called Stellar Wind.

— June 27, 2013 • The US government bugged the offices of the European Union in New York, Washington, and Brussels.

— August 2, 2013 • The NSA sifts through vast amounts of Americans' email and text communications going in and out of the country.

— August 8, 2013 • Internal NSA document reveals an agency "loophole" that allows a secret backdoor for the agency to search its databases for US citizens' emails and phone calls without a warrant.

— August 29, 2013 • Expanding upon data gleaned from the "black budget," the NSA is found to be paying hundreds of millions of dollars each year to US companies for access to their networks.

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