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From the 27 of January this year, there was immense debate and discussion surrounding what could arguably be some of the most important matters we are facing today.However, the hard work, dedication, and grueling drive for positive progression and achievement meant that, after the forum was over, some celebration was in definitely in order!

When Valentine’s Day rolls around next year, whether you love it or hate, now there is a new reason to look forward to it – and be warned, one way or another love will find you…

Liquid Chefs in Davos: Google After-Hours Ocean Lounge One of the most important conferences to date, the 2010 World Economic Forum, focused on all of the serious issues and economic matters that are currently affecting the world at large.

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Whether it was the bars, the barmen or the drinks, or a combination of all three, the excitement emanated from everyone – the guests, Liquid Chefs and Google.

Doing events alongside or for the Google team is something Liquid Chefs eagerly anticipates, and the team is always inspired to deliver the most successful events for the mutual enjoyment of all parties involved.The satisfaction of hard work and dedication was celebrated with cocktails, wines, champagnes, beers and spirits.Once again, Liquid Chefs teamed up with Google to create an environment and experience that was extremely exciting and different for the Europeans.This was Liquid Chefs’ second visit to Davos, and the sheer buzz and exhilaration we felt upon our arrival was a thrill for each employee.The ten meters of bar and eleven very enthusiastic bar staff supplied by Liquid Chefs were the perfect ingredients for the after party of a lifetime.Site Disclaimer: All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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