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I feel it's going to be a great place to allow people to get more consistent feedback and to socialize further than just a few snarky comments here and there.

Especially now that the PH's index page is super crowded.

When you chat with someone, the chat conversation displays on the Chat page.

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1 on 1 chat

You can remove chats from the Chat page, but your chat history is not deleted.

You can have multiple chat sessions, each with an individual participant.

I got a lot of feedback, new ideas and recommendations, as well as found people sharing similar interests or working on the same challenges as I do, so chat feels like a very necessary next step to facilitate more collaboration.

🙌🏻 I feel like we would see more and more stories like 'I've met my co-founder on Product Hunt' very soon. Been lucky to have tested this before it was launched.

Dynamix’s global real-time chat provides point to point texting to include file and screen sharing between 2 or more participants on their secure network.

Remove the need for time consuming emails and contact the people you need to ensure your questions are answered quickly.

Well, now you can include Product Hunt on that list. It was a simple tool to broadcast your breakfast choices to the world, but there was no way to discuss your avocado toast choices in private. There are a couple reasons why we built this now: 1.

It's often said that every social network eventually adds messaging... - What where the main reasons / triggers that made want to build a chat? any off the shelf 3rd party solutions running behind the scenes? Product Hunt has matured as a community and "social network" of sorts. We're working on some other big projects that will benefit from Chat. 😉 As for the technical implementation, I'll let @vesln chime [email protected] @rrhoover if I could upvote this hunt twice, I would.

To join a group chat, choose the meeting room and click to join. People outside of your Lifesize account cannot participate in chat, nor will they see the chat conversation.

To start a group chat: Participant names are listed on the right, along with their online status.

You can compose a new chat with someone with whom you have not previously chatted.

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